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The Planning Database Project aims to provide DECC with regular data to assist in tracking progress towards achieving the EU targets for electricity generation from renewable energy sources. These data are made publicly available via this web site.

Planning Database Reporting

An extract (in spreadsheet form) from the planning database, together with a progress datasheet, is made available each month.

About the Renewables Map

This website provides an on-line mapping facility to review the information held in the renewables database. An interactive query has also been provided to interrogate these data through applying various filters.

Renewable Energy Planning Database: Information on projects in planning is updated every month, but inevitably it can take time to hear about new projects or when the status of an application changes so these may appear slightly out of date for a handful of applications.

It is worth noting that the planning database is designed to provide a history of planning applications, therefore the maps show all projects, including those which did not achieve planning approval. Similarly, some sites may appear more than once, where applications have been re-submitted or a separate application for an extension is made.

RESTATS: Information is held on the performance of operational projects but owing to the need to maintain the commercially sensitive nature of these data, specific site details and performance figures are not disclosed. These data are updated on an annual basis.

If you have information about a renewable energy project or planning application not included in this database, or you spot any inaccuracies in the information provided, please let us know.

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Safeguarding Maps

Aviation safeguarding information is made available to assist wind farm developers


Planning Statistics

The key findings of this work are also summarised in tables and graphs covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with an overview of the UK. These reports provide details on the progress of renewable energy projects according to technology type, installed capacity and location.


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